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"They built our shop in the fall of 2018 and they did a great job listening to our wants and needs and helping us come up with a plan. They were great at giving us updates and the next steps. It was a pleasure working with them and we would recommend them to anyone. "
Katie B.
"We’ve had Randy Schumacher Construction handle ALL of our building needs and will not hesitate to hire them for future construction projects. The first project they built was a hay shed and since then we had them build a shop, heifer shed, and complete milking/freestall facility as well as other concrete projects around our dairy. We are 100% satisfied with their work, spot-on quotes and bids, and professionalism. "
Sarah and Adam M.
"Duis quia explicabo minim, excepteur repellendus ipsa dis ante non fringilla orci interdum semper acinia taci. Logo nestms ajja oapn jahh no use jam!"
Adam Stone
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